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FV60K3W-WT Desk, Rectangular 60", K3 White

FV60K3W-WT Desk, Rectangular 60", K3 White

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  • Electric Height Adjustment: The desk is equipped with a powerful electric dual motor supporting a 235 lbs. load capacity. The desks are built with a robust frame and durable materials to provide stability ensuring that your desk can withstand the rigors of daily use, whether you're working, studying, or gaming.
  • Programable Controller: Memory controller with 4 - preset settings where you can easily adjust the height of the desk from 30”- 49” or your preferred level with just the touch of a button. This feature promotes flexibility and reduces the negative effects of prolonged sitting.
  • Spacious Work Surface: The solid 1” thick top with slanted edges offers a generous work surface of 60 x 27 for multiple monitors, laptops, and other work essentials. The back mid-section of the top features a 10.5” section with a straight edge to accommodate the installation of equipment requiring a C- clamp mount.
  • Cable Management: Tidy up your workspace with built-in cable management features. Keep your cables organized and out of sight, contributing to a clean and clutter-free desk setup.
  • Easy Assembly: The desks are designed for easy assembly enjoy the convenience of quickly putting together your ergonomic workspace all under an hour.

Product Description

The Apexdesk Elite Series Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk For Home/Office

With ApexDesk's top-of-the-line Height Adjustable Office Desks, you can now easily achieve the perfect sit/stand balance throughout your entire work day.

Featuring European design and engineering, the Elite Series Electric Height Adjustable Desk lets you transform seamlessly from a sitting to a standing position within a matter of seconds with a push of a button. Studies suggest alternating from sitting to standing can provide multiple health benefits and boost productivity.

Get one today and start enjoying various health benefits by standing more and sitting less.

Key Features At a Glance:

  • Height adjustable from 30" to 49" at 1.5”/second
  • 1" thick ergo-shaped MDF core with scratch-resistant high-pressure laminate
  • Dual motors with 235-lb capacity
  • Enhanced stability w/ one-piece fixed steel beam
  • Easy assembly - less than 45 minutes

Beautifully Crafted Ergo Shaped Tabletop

The Elite Series' signature design is this masterfully crafted ergo-shaped tabletop that allows users to sit in closer to the desk.

Using a premium material such as MDF makes the final build even more solid, easier to maintain in the long run and will last longer.

Heavy Duty Motorized Steel Frame

Built like a rock, this heavy-duty steel constructed frame features one-piece center beam with two integrated motors and telescopic height adjustment. This work horse is able to lift up to 235 lbs. of added weight from 30" to 49" without breaking a sweat.

Optional memory controller allows users to program up to 4 preset heights. Alternating from sitting to standing with a simple push of a button.

Multiple Colors To Choose From

Available in 2 top sizes (71x33" and 60x27") and multiple wood colors to match with most home or office décor.

Desk Ships in 3 Boxes

This desk is packaged in 3 boxes. 50% of multiple-packaged shipments arrives within 1-2 days apart. To track the in-transit package, go to the carrier's website and enter the tracking number from the package that has arrived. This will pull the tracking information as the boxes are linked.

Elite 71” Dims:

  1. Box 1 – Tabletop – 76 x 37 x 3” at 68 lbs.
  2. Box 2 – Desk Frame - 68 x 13 x 3” at 41 lbs.
  3. Box 3 – Desk Legs – 33 x 15 x 8” at 35 lbs.

Elite 60” Dims:

  1. Box 1 – Tabletop – 64 x 30 x 3” at 50 lbs.
  2. Box 2 – Desk Frame – 57 x 13 x 3” at 36 lbs.
  3. Box 3 – Desk Legs – 33 x 15 x 8” at 35 lbs.
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Dimensions Expandable 35" ~ 60" 47.2" L x 23.6" W x 28.1" H 2" L x 0.94" W x 2.75" H 19"D x 15"W x 23"H 54”x 23”x ½”
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