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RGB 60% Triple Mode Bt5.0/2.4G/Type-C Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard, 61 Keys Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard,Compact Gaming Keyboard with Software Gateron Blue Switch, White

RGB 60% Triple Mode Bt5.0/2.4G/Type-C Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard, 61 Keys Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard,Compact Gaming Keyboard with Software Gateron Blue Switch, White

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  • 【CK62 Upgrade】For better gaming experience, CK62 is fully upgraded. The upper and lower wraparound shells make the whole keyboard more stable and textured; triple-mode hot-swappable and Gateron switches allow you to have a better typing experience
  • 【Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless and Wired Triple Mode Keyboards】Wireless mode with stable bluetooth 5.0 chipset, hassle-free 2.4Ghz dongle plus type-C wired mode set no limits about your keyboard connection. The SK66 is best to fit smartphone, laptop and tablet.
  • 【Fully DIY- Hot Swappable Gateron Mechanical Switches】Allowing you to enjoy the fun of building a highly customized mechanical keyboard that perfectly suits your typing and gaming habits anytime, anywhere. Replaceable with 95% of the 3-Pin/5-Pin mechanical switches and almost all standard keycaps in the market. The package comes with a keycap puller, a switch puller, for you to enjoy different experiences.
  • 【Professional Driver Support】This gaming keyboard has 18 RGB backlight modes, customizable lighting modes, macro customization, FN key combinations and full key programmability and save the configuration to the keyboard, note: the driver is used in wired mode.
  • 【Super Long Battery Life】SK66 is equipped with a 2300mAh battery to ensure a long battery life of up to 50 hours (dynamic RGB light effect test), when the lights are off, or up to 8 days of normal use, whether traveling, or long meetings, can be used
  • The download driver can be downloaded from the official website, or contact us, and we will send it to you

Product Description

MOTOSPEED SK66 is a Triple Mode BT5.0/2.4G/Type-C Mechanical Keyboard — 60% (61 Key) Gaming Keyboard,DIY- Hot Swappable Gateron Mechanical Switches.

MOTOSPEED SK66 is a 60% (61 key) RGB backlit compact bluetooth wireless mechanical keyboard. Three connectable(bluetooth /2.4GHz wireless/wired) mechanical keyboard with a 2300mAh battery, hot-swappable Gateron switch, ABS keycap (high profile), anti-ghosting keys, RGB backlits, type-c port. macro keys, N-key rollover and a software. And it is compatible with Windows/Mac OS/Android. SK66 is stylish and sophisticated, providing a focused, high-performance experience, more suitable for gamers and typists.

MOTOSPEED keyboard is now hot-swappable!A rare feature in mechanical keyboards, this means you can easily change out your mechanical switches for a different type,without any soldering or effort. Want a different typing feel or sound? Simply change out the switches, and you can have a completely different tactile experience!

How to Select Gateron Switches?

Red Switch: The red switch is quieter than the blue switch,The result is a feel that most perceive as “smoother” and "faster" making them especially popular among Gaming enthusiasts. Red Switch is the best fit switch using in Office.

Brown Switch: Some people prefer Brown Switch since it enables you to Double Tap faster and Typists like them because they still have a good Tactile feedback, but the audio feedback isn't quite as noticeable as Blue Switch.

Blue Switch: Blue Switch can offer quicker and springier response, crisp click sound for spring Typing enjoyment, precise tactile feedback for ultimate Gaming performance.

1. 2.4G pairing, long press: Fn+Q key Green light flash to the code, and then insert the receiver. After the pairing is successful, the green light is extinguished and returned to the current light.

2. Bluetooth pairing, long press: Fn+E/R/T key, the blue light flashes shiny, search for Bluetooth equipment (SK66 3.0/5.0), indicate that the blue light goes off after the pairing is successful, and return to the current light effect; If the code is unsuccessful, turn off the lights and dormancy automatically. You need to wake up any key to re -pairing. Short press: Switch to Bluetooth E/R/T device, or leave the Bluetooth E/R/T device

3.Reminder: For apple computer system only supports individual functions when using the FN key combination.

1. Bright RGB lighting: Built-in multiple RGB effects and support customized dynamic lighting effects. More than 16 million lights are available.

2. Full Keys Programmable: All buttons are programmable

3. Macro: One keystroke for all you want. Program custom macros or remap keys for an advanced gaming experience

4. Free Definition of FN Key Combination: Customized change plan, one-key macro setting, drive setting, lighting setting, key setting, preference setting as you want.

Detachable Type-c USB

Cable Length (m): 1.8M, Five-core shielded tape magnetic loop. Can charge keyboard in wired mode. Dimension: 300*110*41 mm(11.8 x 4.3 x 1.6 inches) Net Weight: 0.6kg.

Hot Swappable Gateron Mechanical Switches

Hot-swap PCB allows you to replace 3 pins/5 pins switches freely without soldering issue. Enjoy the fun of making your own unique keyboard.

2300 Large Battery

This Wireless mechanical keyboard has a good performance in long time using with a 2300 battery. Enjoy the freedom of being wireless and not compromising the performance by going wired.

Package Included:

1 x SK66 Mechanical Keyboard ,

1 x Type-C Cable ,1 x 2.4GHz Adaptor

1 x Switch Puller ,1 x User Manual

More Key Combination:

FN+BACKSPACE = restore factory settings

FN+WIN = lock/unlock WIN

FN+\| = light recording/storing

FN+TAB=Wireless/Wired mode switch

FN+E/R/T=Bluetooth three groups of equipment switching

FN+Y = switch of lighting effect mode (support 18 kinds of lights)

FN+U = Lighting effect color switch FN+I = dynamic direction switching

FN + O = five-level brightness adjustment

FN + P = five-level speed adjustment

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