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Wireless Lavalier Mini Microphone for Android Type-C,Tiny Rode Podcast Equipment Mic,Black Cordless Omnidirectional Condenser Recording Mic for Interview Video Youtube

Wireless Lavalier Mini Microphone for Android Type-C,Tiny Rode Podcast Equipment Mic,Black Cordless Omnidirectional Condenser Recording Mic for Interview Video Youtube

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  • [Plug and Play Compatible with iOS/Android Devices] The small flip-collar microphone is compatible with any device with USB-C and iPhone iPad Android phone connection. If you want to use it on a Mac or PC, you'll need an adapter. This amazing lavalier microphone is the perfect companion for all your recording needs. It is plug-and-play wireless microphone (no app or Bluetooth required).
  • [Intelligent noise reduction voice synchronization in real time]This innovative wireless mics uses an intelligent noise reduction chip to identify audio tracks and protect against background noise. Built-in intelligent noise reduction chip, real-time automatic synchronization of background music and human voice, effective identification of audio tracks, clear recording in noisy environments, anti-jet sponge and high sensitivity microphone, so you can easily enjoy simple and fun recording.
  • [Long working hours, long-distance wireless system] High-performance lavalier microphone built-in rechargeable battery, charging for 1.5-2 hours can provide more than 6 hours of battery life, stable 2.4GHZ frequency domain wireless system, long distance 65 feet (20 M) work can also have full-band audio 44.1~48kHz stereo CD sound quality, the transmission delay is only 30ms.
  • [High performance 360° omnidirectional radio] Excellent 360° omnidirectional radio omnidirectional condenser microphone, which can easily respond to the radio needs of complex environments, and has a frequency record of minus 10-45 degrees Celsius, which is very suitable for recording where interference from other sources may become a problem Used in the environment. It is also a perfect choice for those who only need a lavalier microphone in noisy environments.
  • 【Portable and compact, solving the cable tangle problem】This mini collar microphone can be easily clipped in your collar or pocket, so you can record more purely and easily even in sports. No more cable tangling or dragging and other troubles, allowing you to easily play YouTube/Facebook live, TikTok, Vlog, Blog, Podcast, Zoom, interviews and other video recordings.

Product Description

ATNSDPB 339 wireless lavalier microphone makes your recording simple and interesting

Why choose us?

  • Get rid of wire constraints, automatic pairing and plug-and-play, no cumbersome operation is required, and the receiver can be automatically connected after power-on
  • 360° all-round recording, intelligent noise reduction, high-density anti-spray sponge, high-sensitivity microphone, intelligent filtering of environmental noise, true recording of the original sound, and easy editing and tuning.
  • Customized environmental obstacle avoidance frequency scanning for wireless microphones, intelligent selection of high-quality frequency points, human obstacle distance up to 7-9 meters
  • Real-time transmission, without Bluetooth and APP, 30ms low-latency transmission.
  • The audio track will automatically reduce the decibels, without fear of popping.
  • Hands-free, compact and can be easily clipped to your collar or pocket, even if you exercise, you can record more purely and easily.
  • Rechargeable at any time, built-in lithium-ion battery, 6h long battery life


  • Lavalier microphone x 1
  • Type-C receiver x 1 (Type-C port style)
  • Lightning iPhone receiver x 1 (Lightning port style)
  • Type-C charging cable x 1
  • User manual x 1

Tips Make: In order to make your wireless lavalier microphone work normally, you have to do the following after receiving the product

  • Before you using the device,please charge the microphone for 1 hour.
  • Please read user manual before using.
  • Depending on the port style you choose, the receiver in the package is different.

ATNSDPB339 wireless lavalier microphone usage method

  1. Connect the receiver to the mobile phone, make the receiver light red, that is, the Android system will display a small icon (not displayed by the IOS system) when it is used, indicating that the connection is successful.
  2. Press the power button of the microphone, the indicator light turns green, that is, the boot is successful.
  3. The receiving end is always red, and you can use the microphone to record by opening the camera, live video and other applications.
  • Warm reminder
  • Some mobile phone models do not display the small microphone icon, and the receiver can be used normally when the red light is always on.
  • OPPO/VIVO/IQOO/Realme brand mobile phones need to enter the settings to search for OTG and turn on the OTG power supply to be used normally.
  • When playback the video pls unplug the receiver or will be no voice.

20m barrier-free ultra-long-distance work

  • 20 meters wireless transmission distance, low-latency real-time transmission, no longer limited range of activities
  • High-performance microphone, stable signal, 2.4GHz transmission, sampling rate up to 48KHz CD audio quality
  • Notice: If there are obstacles, the working distance will be shortened, and the test data is 8M/26.25ft

No APP or Bluetooth is need

  • Wireless radio is easy to enjoy, no cumbersome operation, just plug in and use, no Bluetooth APP
  • Exquisite and compact, it helps to easily clip it on your shirt, tie or pocket, Bring you an excellent recording experience.

Intelligent noise reduction, precise radio

  • Built-in intelligent filtering and noise reduction, true recording of the original sound, clear recording even in noisy environments
  • This wireless lavalier microphone can record 360° in all directions and has strong versatility and compatibility. Designed for Youtube, Live, TikTok, creators, video bloggers, podcasters, interviewers and speakers.
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